“Is a Power of Attorney Part of An Idaho Estate Plan?”

We’ve covered a lot of ground over the past week….and today I’ll be sharing with you another very important component of your estate plan.

Powers of Attorney.

You may have heard of a Power of Attorney or Financial Power of Attorney or Health Care Power of Attorney.  These documents can provide a much needed peace of mind when it comes to planning for a time when you become incapacitated and are unable to manage your finances or make medical decisions for yourself.

If you do not make a decision now, while you are competent, with respect to who you feel has your best interest at heart with respect to these imporant matters, you may unknowingly place a major financial and emotional burden on your family.

If you do not nominate an individual to serve as your agent or attorney-in-fact under a Power of Attorney, the Court will appoint a conservator or guardian for you.  This is are much more costly process than simply specifying your wishes by executing a Power of Attorney.

In this video, I go into more detail on the various Powers of Attorney that should be incorporated into your estate plan.  Check it out:

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